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Bela Church has a beautiful tradition of honoring St Sebastian celebrating the Sunday prior the Confraternity Sunday as St Sebastian Sunday. Tradition has it that when the people and live stock suffered an unusual ill health years ago the families prayed to St Sebastian. The people and the live stock regained health springing back to normalcy soon after. In order to express their gratitude began celebrating A Sunday every year , Sunday before Confraternity Sunday with festal mass and procession. This unique pious and sentimental tradition continues up to now. In continuance of the same meaningful tradition Bela Church celebrated the FEAST OF ST SEBASTIAN ON 13th OF MARCH 2022.

The feast of St Sebastian was celebrated on 13th of March 2022 at 9 A.M, in Our Lady of Dolours Church, Bela. Celebration began with the hoisting of the flag of Annual Feast in the compound infront of the Church marking the the start of the festivities. Fr. Wilson Deepak Dsouza SVD, did the honour of hoisting the flag.

The Eucharistic Celebration was presided over by Fr. Santhosh Dsouza SVD, accompanied by Fr Stany Pereira, the Parish Priest, Fr Anil Avild Lobo and Fr Wilson Deepak Dsouza.

The devotees devoutly participated in the Eucharistic Celebration and in the procession, thereafter. The Parish Priest greeted the people on the occasion of the feast duly appreciating their sentiments of gratitude St Sebastian.

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