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Christmas Crib competition held by YCS -Bela

As part of Christmas celebration YCS unit conducted Crib competition to the parishioners. 30 families participated.

The YCS members had an opportunity to pay a visit to all cribs as they accompanied the judges on Christmas Day.

Brother Denzil, Sr Christella and Animator Raju Kidoor were judges. The greenery, creativity and neatness were points of criteria for judging the winners. The following were selected for prizes.

The winners-

3rd place:

Trisha Sweedel, Chowkar and Vivan D'Souza, Ichlampady.

2nd place:

Rishal Nishal Montheiro, Chowkar.

1st place:

Alisha D'Souza,Bela A.

The winners were honored with cash prizes on Dec 31st night during the New year celebration. This honoring programme was conducted by Thanish and Harshitha. As a mark of appreciation for all those who participated in the crib competition mementoes were given. Judges and vehicle owners, Herald, Vivian and Dileep, who offered their vehicles and graciously sacrificed their time to take YCS members and judges to the cribs were also thanked and offered mementoes.

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