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Pastoral Visit to Bela Church

Most Rev Dr Peter Paul Saldanha , Bishop of Mangalore Diocese, was warmly welcomed by the parish clergy and Parishioners on 21.05.2022 as he was on his Pastoral Visit to Bela Church. The Bishop administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to 61 candidates during the Mass on 21.05.2022. He offered mass with the parishioners on Sunday, 22.05.2022 at 8.00am.

The programme of the Pastoral Visit included visit to and prayer at the Cemetery, meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council, Parish Finance Council and Parish Associations, Visit to the Convents , Visit to the sick, attending a SCC meeting, Visit to Kalathur Chapel and attending a meeting with people there. It was time of encouragement and blessings to the Parishioners.

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