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Br. Vinol Fernandes completes his Regency

Br. Vinol Fernandes succesfully completed his regency at Bela Church on 30.04.2023.

The Bela parish is grateful to his service to the all sections of parish, namely, children, youth and elders.

His presence here is a big support to the parish all the for pastoral ministry here. He was given opportunities for practical experience of pastoral ministry like preparation of Liturgy, guidance to altar servers, Marian sodality, YCS and Youth, conducting of camps and activities for children and Youth, participation in small Christian Communities and the ward activities, taking catechism classes in Church and School, accompanying the priests for house blessings , sick calls and other events.

As a mark of gratitude to the service rendered by him to the parish a farewell programme was held on 30.04.2023 after mass. Mrs Cecilia DSouza, Secretary, PPC, spoke in appreciation of Br Vinol's service, Fr Stany Pereira, the parish priest, Fr. Anil Lobo, Mr Cyril Crasta, Vice President, PPC and the superiors of convents felicitated him. Br. Vinol replied thanking the Parish Priest, Fr Anil and all the parishioners for their support he received during his regency.

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