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Farewell to Bro. Denzil Rodrigues

Expressing gratitude for the yearlong service to the parish, Bro Denzil Rodrigues was given a meanigful farewell by the parishioners during mass on 01.05.2022 on completion of his regency at Bela. Parish Priest Fr Stany Pereira, thanked him for the loving service to the parish, especially to children and youth. Fr Anil A. Lobo expressed his gratitude to brother for his service and companionship . Vice President, Mr John Crasta, thanked him on behalf the parishioners. Bro Denzil thanked everyone for the cooperation he received from the parish.

Jyothy DSouza, Secretary, compered the programme. Sr Carmin, Fr John Crasta SJ and Fr Prem Prakash DSouza CSsR joined the farewell programme and wished Bro Denzil.

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