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Annual Parish Feast- 2023: Our Lady of Dolours Church, Bela.

The annual feast of Our Lady of Dolours Church and the Shrine, Bela was celebrated with joy on Wednesday, 15th February 2023.

Prior to the solemn festal mass, Fr Stany Pereira, the parish priest honored members of the Parish Pastoral Council, the heads of the families, sponsors and donors who render special service to church with candles.

Rev. Fr Walter D'Mello, Judicial Vicar of Mangalore Diocese celebrated the solemn festal Mass and preached homily on the Year Of Family (ಕುಟ್ಮಾಚೆಂ ವರಸ್) 2023:"Humane family Hope of the future"(“ಮನ್ಶಾಪಣಾನ್ ಭರ‍್ಲಲೆಂ ಕುಟಮ್ ಫುಡಾರಾಚೊ ಭರ್ವಸೊ”). Along with Our parish priest, Fr Stany Pereira and Fr Anil Lobo, 20 priests con-celebrated the Festal Mass.

Rev Fr Stany Pereira, Parish Priest, verbalized his deep sentiments of gratitude to the members of the Parish Pastoral council, all the associations and each person who helped in the effective conduct of the Annual Feast. The Church ground , after the mass, presented a beautiful sight of huge number of people all around with hearty smiles, and joyful outbursts of wishing each other a happy feast and thronging to various stalls set up by ICYM, YCS members. A number of people were seen lighting candles to receive blessings of the Almighty. People celebrated the Annual feast with devotion and happiness.

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