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Enhanced or rebar feature detection: Detect reinforced areas and beams Solid features can now be defined by defining equations. Bending constraints are saved with their bended geometry. A new option in this column enables to limit bending constraints to the nodes existing on a specific face of the model. The introduction of the coordinates.manipulate command line provides the possibility to store coordinates on faces in the format The coordinates column now accepts an additional option, specifying the.manipulate command to work as a polyline operator..manipulate commands have an additional option, that enables to define a face only in the current frame, and not in previous frames. Finally, the coordinates column can be used to define planar surface using a Delaunay triangulation. This can be done using the new coordinates and operators. BBox management Management of bounding boxes is a simple task. If you know the bounding box coordinates, you can use the and operator in.manipulate coordinates or use the and operators. The operators are more efficient to use and generate the same results than the operators. The operators help to add or remove the surfaces to the model. The operators help to define the centers of the surfaces. Finally, the and operators help to define the new bounding box. Bounding box types can now be specified, and the commands can be used to set the center of a bounding box as follows: The option lets you to define an anchor point. If this point is inside the bounding box, the.manipulate command does not move the coordinates of the bounding box. Mesh management The.mesh command provides the following new features: Wires can be defined. The features in the.mesh command are defined using the coordinates,,,,, and. The coordinates can be updated using the and operators. You can define rings. To define rings, use the operator. You can define the number of surface rings. The number of faces, number of surface rings and the surface type can be modified using the and operators. Two new operators, and, are added to define a cylinder and a cone surface respectively. The and operators are used to limit the boundary of the model, so that only surfaces on the boundary are affected. The command is




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